CMA-FEST 2011
June 9th - 12th

Day Two

CMA-Fest 2011
is going strong
as Day Two gets underway.

On his way to the booth, Con takes a moment for a quick visit with a fan.

There are hats....
...the occasional serenade....
...and smooch!
Sounds like Fan Fair to me!
Pretty in pink...
Here is a little nostalgia for you. This clipping is out of a Billboard Magazine and shows highlights of Fan Fair 1979. Can you spot our star??

Yep...that's him getting another big smooch from a fan!Some things never change!

(Click HERE to enlarge.)
Fast forward a few years, and here we are...
This never gets old to Con...he loves it!

A few more snapshots of the many wonderful fans that came by to say 'Hi!" to Con on this Friday.

We've got a big day tomorrow, and to keep our strength up it's another good meal for the IMMI team.

Saturday is sure to be an exciting day
at Fan Fair Hall.
In addition to being at his booth to greet fans tomorrow,
Con will also be performing on
the Durango Stage with members of the Opry Band.

You can catch it all right here!

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