CMA-FEST 2011
June 9th - 12th

Day One

The days have gotten longer, it's a whole lot warmer...and it's that time of year again....
Yep! It's time for Fan Fair!

Con and the IMMI team look forward to this week every year...
The opportunity to spend time face to face with
Country Music Fans from all over the world!
Con arrives at his booth
shortly after the doors to Fan Fair Hall are opened on Thursday morning,
and fans are already lined up to meet him!
Fans appreciate the personal time Con takes with them...
...there are familiar faces....
...and new faces, too!
Folks keep stepping up to meet one of their favorite stars!
We meet
some mighty fine folks
during Fan Fair!
This fan sang Con's
"Oh, Girl" while waiting to get a picture...he did a pretty doggone good job, too!
There's a great turn out on this first day of the Festival, and the fans lining up at Con's booth continues into the afternoon....
But who wouldn't want a warm smile and a hug?
As Fan Fair Hall closes it's doors, members of the IMMI team gather for a quick picture.

Top row L-R: Scott, Stephen, Con,
Steve and Mike.
Bottom row
L-R: Lisa, Kim,
Melissa and Ruthie.

After a nice dinner and a good night's rest, we'll be all set to go for Day Two of CMA-Fest 2011!

You can check it out here!
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