CMA-FEST 2008

JUNE 5-8
It's that time of year again, friends...that wonderful time of year...when we put everything else aside for just a few days to seek out our favorite stars and listen to our favorite music...that magical music that gets us through everyday life the rest of the year ~
The Con Hunley / IMMI Records booth is finally set up and ready for friends and fans. The IMMI team is always raring to get the job done, but it takes a little work before the photo and smiles.

Let's re-wind a little...

The set up is definitely a team effort - a cross between an olympic sporting event and a family vacation! There's un-loading, unpacking, shirt-folding, ladder-climbing, banner-hanging, DVD-setting, CD-displaying, and conversation like... "a little more to the left", "has anybody seen the duct tape?" "now a little more to the right", "I'm getting a little hungry", "okay, back to the left just a smidge", "woo-hoo, I found the chocolate!" "I have got sharpie all over me!" "Is anybody else hot or is it just me?!"...WHEW!!
After a good night's sleep the excitement begins, and Day One is underway.

Con is all smiles as the fans begin to rush in to greet him!

Within moments of Con's arrival a line forms at the booth with folks eager to meet Con in person!

Con gladly settles in. He enjoys taking this extra special time for the fans!

It's a great turn out for Day One. While a large number of folks get to town early to enjoy the whole week, the Festival is actually only four days. With the first official day of the Festival on a weekday it's amazing to see the crowd!

And the crowd just continues to grow each day!

Con-fans are a great bunch of folks. Here are a few more of the many smiling faces we saw on Day One....
And a few more.....
Con signs a lot of CD's and pictures during the festival. But for some people that just won't do. There are a few folks that like to put a little different twist on celebrity autographs. And over the years Con has signed...well, let's just say some "unusual" items.

Today we had hats...

....and a guitar-shaped piece of plywood!

Pretty neat, huh?!

"Oh, Girl".....
Con can make anything sound good!
And this sweet gal brought all of her Con Hunley albums (yes, albums!!) in for Con to sign!
The fans have a lot of fun with Con, and Con has as much fun as anybody!
Con was about the age of this young fan when he got his first guitar, and he never dreamed he would be able to meet his idols like Chet Atkins, Charlie Rich, Ray Charles, George Jones and others...

But by holding on to his dreams, and nurturing them, he went on to not only meet these wonderful talents, but has been able to call them all friends!

Day One was fantastic! And even though there's not enough room to show all the hundreds of people who came by the booth that day, here is another small glimpse!

There's more fun on Day Two . . . so be sure to check it out!

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