CMA-FEST 2008

JUNE 5-8

As Con makes his way to his booth for the beginning of Day Two he took a couple of seconds to stop by and say hello to a couple of his good friends and fellow artists at their booths -
The lovely Rhonda Towns and the lovely Lane Brody.

A pretty nice way to start the day...

There is already a big crowd at the convention center.

This shot is just one small corner....Con is in the crowd somewhere making his way to the booth.

A few fans spot Con in the crowd and he gladly takes a few moments with them.

This is Benny, and he has been coming to Fan Fair for more than 20 years! Everyone knows Benny, including all the artists, and we all look forward to seeing him every year!

A number of fans endure a lot of challenges to have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful festival.

The determination they display is inspiring.

A couple more autographs along the way....
Con is an early bird, but eager fans were already at the booth as he arrived to greet them. And these two young fans were among the very first of the day. They were so excited to get to say hi to Con in person! Sweet, sweet kids!
With that, the fan pictures on Day Two get started...
....along with some fan hugs!
Fans love the personal time with Con....there is a real connection!
Con took a second to dart over to the RFD Network booth to see longtime friend Ralph Emery. Emery was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October 2007, along with Mel Tillis and Vince Gill, and Con was invited to perform for Emery's portion of the ceremonies. It was an honor for Con, and his soulful performance of Since I Fell For You brought the house down!
On the way back to his booth Con stopped for a quick chat with talented newcomer Julie Roberts.
And a moment with The
Happiest Girl In The Whole USA,
Miss Donna Fargo.
As Day Two at the Convention Center comes to an end there were a lot more fans, a lot more pictures and a lot more laughs!

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