The 3rd annual Waynestock event was held Feb. 1 & 2, 2013 at the Relix Theatre on Central Street in Knoxville. The 2-day event hosts bands, musicians, and spoken word artists, and raises money for musicians and their families located in the East Tennessee area who are in need. The proceeds from this year's event will be donated to the Community School for the Arts, which provides music lessons to students who are other- wise unable to afford them.
When organizing this year's event, Wayne Bledsoe, for whom the event is named, came up with the idea to pair Con with Mic Harrison and the High Score. Con and Mic and the guys share the same love for music wrapped in honest emotion. So yeah, let's do this! Mic and the High Score took the stage first performing some of their original music. From left - bassist Vance Hillard, Mic, drummer Brad Henderson, electric guitarist Robbie Trosper, and acoustic guitarist Chad Pelton.
Mic and the band are a popular Roots-Rock band with a large following in the southeastern U.S. They were delighted to perform with Con, and Con felt the same about these guys. You can find out more about the band, their music and performance schedule by visiting www.micharrison.com.
Con enjoys listening from the wings as the guys perform their set.
Con takes the stage with one of his early hits,
Livin' On The Funky Side.

Robbie, center, and Chad
are loving it!

Mic, Brad, and Chad get in on some background vocals.
The Relix was packed for the special show.
The club is near the Old City in Knoxville in an area long known as Happy Holler. The owners left the exposed brick, support beams, and many other classic features indicative of pubs from the early 1900's. These endearing details add a lot of charm and appeal to the atmosphere of the club.
Con was glad that it worked out for him to be a part of Waynestock. The event is named for Knoxville music and entertainment writer/critic Wayne Bledsoe, who has long been a Con Hunley supporter and friend. Wayne lost his son, Drew, a passionate musician, in 2011. The entire music community in Knoxville was heartbroken upon hearing the news of Drew's passing. Many of Wayne's peers came together to organize an event to help and encourage the family at that tragic time. The event has been helping people ever since.
Con delivers pure heart...
....and soul!
Con reminisces with the crowd about his early days playing music in the Knoxville area. The last club he played at on a regular basis before signing his first major recording contract was right down the street from the Relix. It was a place called the Corner Lounge. Con played on Thursday nights and the crowds there would overflow onto the sidewalk and even across the street.
There are several in tonight's crowd who remember those days and have followed Con ever since!
Everybody's really gettin' into the music!
Con thinks Mic and the guys are doing an outstanding job tonight...just terrific!
Con cranks it up again with a song he hasn't done in a while, but is one of his favorites...Columbus Stockade Blues.
Before you know it, it's Quittin' Time!
Con has had an absolute blast with Mic and the High Score, and the crowd has loved every second of it! They let Con and all the guys know it with a standing ovation while they cheer for more!
Con had a great time tonight! Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of Waynestock. You can find out more about this organization and next year's event by visiting www.waynestock.org. Pictured left to right: Chad, Brad, Vance, Con, Mic, Robbie, event namesake Wayne Bledsoe, and friend and co-founder of Waynestock, Steve Wildsmith.
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