Con was honored to perform at the Union County Heritage Festival on Oct. 14, 2006.

Union County has a rich music history, with some of the greatest pioneers of Country Music born in the hills and hollers of that beautiful countryside.

Con is fortunate to have met and to have worked with some of these great legends, like Roy Acuff and Chet Atkins.

Con's family hails from Union County as well, so this performance held a special fondness for him.

Soundcheck with Con and the band -

- Burton Akers on bass

- Tony Creasman on drums

- Greg English on guitar

- Ken Jackson on saxophone

- Herby Wallace on steel guitar

- Stan Williamson on keyboards

and of course, Con's brothers and sister singing harmony.

It's showtime, and Con is already having fun with the audience.

The concert was held in the Union County High School Auditorium, so the audience was close to the stage and they loved it!
There wasn't a bad seat in the house!

In true Con fashion the show is an awesome one...
...and it shows on everybody's face!

Con did a fabulous job performing his new single, 'I Can See You With My Eyes Closed", a haunting ballad in true traditional country form.

During the show Con was presented with a framed poster which featured Union County musicians from decades past.

Con even recognized a few of the names and faces from his youth -
this was a gift much appreciated!

After the show, fans are lined up in the lobby to get a picture or to just say "Hi" to Con. Con genuinely enjoys the meet and greet - it's a great way for him to stay in touch with the fans.
A fan asks for one of Con's large display posters, and he gladly signs it for her -

A perfect end to a great evening!

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