September 17, 2011

It's like peanut butter and chocolate...cookies and milk...beans and cornbread...

The Fair is in town, and Con's gonna be there!

Entertainment sponsors WTNQ of LaFollette and WIVK of Knoxville along with the Fair's mascot, Jasper, the Rooster present the
Junior Fairest of the Fair
to the crowd.

Con's nephew,
Stephen Hunley
opens the show with a couple of his original songs. Con fans have really embraced Stephen and his music!
Then Chuck Jacobs and Cindi Dickinson Alpert of WTNQ in LaFollette get the crowd fired up for Con.
And here he is.....
Con loves performing
at the Fair.
He gets to see
lots of his hometown friends and fans,
but folks come from all over to see the show,
from as far north as Canada, and from as far south as Florida.
The band's all here;
Stan Williamson on keys; Jelly Roll Johnson
on harmonica;
Ken Jackson on sax; Burton Akers on bass; Tony Creasman on drums; Junior Mercer on steel; and Greg English on guitar.
Kenny and Ruthie are here, too, bringing that sweet family harmony!
A really fun moment came when Con got a couple of fans, Cora and Karen, up on stage to sing with him. They said it was a thrill of a lifetime!
And Cindi from WTNQ showed some love by joining in on all the fun!
Con demonstrated his "proud Daddy" side when he introduced his daughter, Brittany, who made it to town just in time for the show!
The songs Con included in tonights show covered his career from the very beginning to his latest recordings. It was a wonderfully entertaining evening full of great music and fabulous fun!
Fans lined up to meet Con after the show...Con has a deep appreciation for his fans, and he stayed for more than an hour after the show to chat and sign pictures.
Mayoral Candidate
Madeline Rogero took some time out from campaigning to catch the show...
As the Fair's fireworks were showering the skies, this evening comes to an end...A fan brings a photo album for Con to thumb through with pictures that span his career. He signs the cover for her "Thanks for the memories"....and tonight will be one more memory to treasure...
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