Tennessee Valley Fair
September 13, 2008

There's no better way to spend a late summer evening than getting your friends and family together and heading to The Fair! Kids of all ages enjoy the opportunity to share a night of fun, games, exciting rides, delicious treats and of course, great music!

And Con was thrilled to be invited back to perform!

WIVK Radio personality Josh Blanchard kicked things off with The Fairest of the Fair, and Junior Fairest. And of course, there was the always enthusiastic Wivick the Frog, and the Fair's crowd pleasing mascot, Jasper the Rooster!
Con's nephew Stephen opened the show, and Con fans welcomed him with open arms!

Be sure to check out Stephen's website at stephenhunley.com to get a better glimpse of this multi-talented new artist.

Next up were the always entertaining Hunley Brothers and Sister Ruth. These guys (and gal) bring smiles and cheers everywhere they go, and Con is always happy to showcase the talented trio. There's nothing like that good family harmony!
And here he is, the star of the show.....Con Hunley!
Let's rock this house!
Con and all of his brothers and sisters were born and raised in Knoxville, and they love performing for hometown friends and fans. But it wasn't just hometown fans that came out for the show. There were folks from all over the state of Tennessee, as well as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, and.....well, you get the picture!
Smiles tell half the story....
The passionate response of the crowd tells the rest of the story!
After the show is over fans have already lined up waiting for a few personal moments with Con!
And Con is more than happy to give back to the fans that give so much....

Here are a few of the smiling faces that were with us....

See you again soon.....

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