CMA-FEST 2010
Day One

Day One of CMA-Fest 2010 gets underway at Fan Fair Hall, and crowds of music fans have been waiting anxiously for this moment! There is already a big crowd of folks lined up around Con's booth ready to say hello and get a picture! Here is a glimpse of the action just a few minutes after the doors of the hall were opened.

The meet and greet with the fans gets started.
Con enjoys catching up with familiar fans every year, and it's also very nice to meet new fans.
Con and his band performed a great set last night as part of the Music City Roots show at the Loveless Barn, and several of the fans couldn't wait to come by the booth to tell him how much they enjoyed it!
Some real cuties.....
Yep...Con is in there somewhere...

It's amazing to see the wonderful turnout of fans...It has only been five and a half weeks or so since the devastating rains that flooded much of Nashville and several surrounding communities. But there was never a doubt that Fan Fair would go on....The leaders and citizens of that area banded together and showed great heart and determination in getting things ready for die hard music fans....They have worked hard as neighbors and as a community... ...and they continue to do so. They won't stop until everything is as good or better than it was before.....they have inspired us all!

And the fans are really proud and happy to be here for the city wide celebration....
A nice picture of a Dad and his son with one of their favorite singers.....
A few more shots of the many fans who made their way to Con's booth at Fan Fair Hall on this first day of CMA-Fest 2010! We have 3 more days to go and we look forward to every moment!
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