CMA-FEST 2009
CMA-Fest 2009
June 11th - June 14th
Nashville, Tennessee

Day One
It's that wonderful time of year again for Country Music Fans...the time of year when you can see your favorite stars up close...in person....and watch them live in concert... and when you can meet up with fellow-fans from around the world!
The first day at his booth, Con is greeted by smiling fans lined up and waiting to say hello.

Con is one of the
"all-time favorite" stars here in the Convention Center!
And with that said, the fun begins!
There are a great many fans that make it a point to come to Fan Fair every year... and many stars block out time in their schedules just so they can take advantage of this opportunity to re-connect with their fans
It's always nice to meet someone who has come to Fan Fair for the first time. And we know with all the fun and excitement that they will come back again and again!

This young man was having a great time!

Con makes it a point to spend some personal time every day in the booth. And the fans always appreciate that special time just for them!

Here are just a few of the happy fans Con met on Day One....

These two lovely ladies won't let anything stop them from seeing their favorite stars!
There was a huge crowd for opening day at Fan Fair Hall. While the Hall only opens for the last 4 days of Fan Fair, there are events and shows all over Nashville throughout the week.
This fan took Con on a trip down Memory Lane with a photo album full of pictures that she has taken of him over the years.

Con loved it!

Day One is a smashing success, but the weekend crowd is still to come. Check out Day Two for more fan pics!
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