It's that time of year again, folks! The days have flown by and it's time for the 42nd Annual Fan Fair in Nashville, Tennessee!
We are all looking forward to an exciting event...a great time of catching up with friends and fans, and of course, there's all that WONDERFUL MUSIC!! The brand spanking new Music City Center is open and hosting the historic event for the first time! Folks flock in from all over the world to take in all the shows and excitement, and hopefully they'll get a chance to meet their favorite stars!

Con's first scheduled stop is one he looks forward to every year...an interview at the legendary WSM Radio station with good friends Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos. There is not an artist anywhere who doesn't love the opportunity to hit the airwaves at WSM, which happens to be THE most well-known station in Country Music Radio. And everybody loves to sit down with Bill Cody. Bill is a legend in his own right. With his warm demeanor and wonderful sense of humor he is beloved by his listeners and artists alike.

Con, Bill, and Charlie settle in for the interview and the chance
to catch up.

There's lots to talk about since the two last saw each other, and Con begins by telling Bill all he's been up to.
The two talk about some of Con's favorite subjects - family, golf,
and of course, music.
And when you talk about music, pretty soon the conversation turns to stories of life on the road, and that's when the laughter starts rolling...one story reminds them of another and another, and, well, nobody can keep a straight face...not Con,
not Bill, not even Charlie!
During all the fun, television star and country music artist John Schneider walks in. It's been a while since the friends had seen each other, but you'd never
know it. The reminiscing commenced....
Schneider and Con worked several shows together back in the '80s, so as you might have guessed, the road stories continue and the laughter never stops!
The guys thoroughly enjoyed visiting with each other and getting caught up. Maybe someone could talk them into a "Con and John Show"!
Time for one more picture... Con's gotta get ready for his performance over at the Durango Music Spot, and Bill will have to head that way, too, in a little while. After all, he's set to host the show...See ya over there!
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