The Fair Is HERE!

It's mid-September and you gotta know what that means, right?...Yep, the Fair is in town!!
Ahhh, the lights, the rides, the games, the exhibits, the food, the contests, the fireworks, and of course the music! And East Tennessee boasts one of the best Fairs around - The Tennessee Valley Fair!
Singer Travis Rice and his band did a great job opening the show!
Jasper the Rooster, along with WIVK Radio personality Gunner and his sidekick Wivick the Frog, get the crowd fired up as they bring Con onstage.
Con is excited to be playing for the hometown crowd once again!
He starts off with
a Con Classic,
"Weekend Friend"...it is Saturday after all!
Con sings another crowd-pleaser, one of his early hits "You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me".
Hey, Hey...the band's all here! Ken Jackson on sax, Stan Williamson on keys, Burton Akers on bass, Tony Creasman on drums, Greg English on guitar, and Junior Mercer on steel.
And brother Kenny and sister Ruthie are here for all the fun...
Con wows the crowd all night with his own brand of Country Soul....and the fans love it when he bears down on that piano!
Con takes a moment to talk about his brand new CD, "Wayfarin' Stranger". Con talks about how much he enjoyed making the CD that celebrates his gospel roots, and how important it was for him to pay homage to his Mom and Dad and other family members that have had an impact on his life. Also, Con was honored to have Bill Gaither make a special appearance on the new disc. Con and Bill have developed a great friendship over the last few years. Bill is quoted in the new issue of his "Homecoming Magazine" saying, "If passion is what you're looking for in music, Con Hunley is the man. I love his voice and I love his heart". Con fans agree!
Con closes his show with songs from his new CD. It's been another great show here at the Tennessee Valley Fair, but Con's not done yet...he always takes time for the fans...
..and the fans know it. There is quite a line of folks waiting to say hello to Con after the show.
Con took a moment for a quick picture with Gunner and Wivick the Frog.
And Con was glad to see that Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero was able to catch the show.
Con's lovely daughter, Brittany, was also in attendance with some of her friends.
And we just had
to get a picture
with the Tennessee
Valley Fair mascot,
Jasper the Rooster!
It was great to see Judy Biggs at the show. Judy is a long-time fan and dear friend who has followed Con's career from the very beginning. Con remembers Judy coming to see him at his very first in-store autograph signing at Paradise Records in Chattanooga back in 1978.
Con stayed for more than an hour to greet fans after the show. Here are just a few more of the many happy fans who made it out to the Fair show this year...Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of all the fun we had, and hope we can do it again next year....
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