Congressman Jimmy Duncan BBQ

Knoxville Civic Coliseum
October 24, 2006

Con was happy to perform for Congressman Jimmy Duncan's BBQ held annually at the Civic Coliseum for Knoxville area constituents.

It's a great way for the Congressman to thank Tennessee voters for their support. Everyone enjoys the food, music and fellowship.

The hardworking IMMI team helps the band set up before the performance.

The crowd is pouring in!
After everybody has had plenty to eat...
...we're ready for some great Con music!
The Hunley Brothers and Sister Ruth open the show for Con.

As most of you know, the siblings also provide background vocals for Con.
You just can't beat that family harmony!

Mike Hammond, Program Director for award-winning WIVK-FM radio, hosted the show, and introduced Con to the crowd.

Hammond is a longtime friend and fan of Con and his music.

And he just happens to be a Knox County Commissioner as well!

The crowd is cheering and on their feet as Con takes the stage!

Con is happy to see so many familiar faces, and he is ready to have some fun!

Ken Jackson is wailing on the saxophone and Con is loving it!
Con and the band get the crowd stirred up!
The music is so good you just can't sit still!

Fans start making their way closer to the stage, finding a little room where they can kick up their heels!

Con takes a moment to talk about our great nation, and then gives a rousing performance of "America, The Beautiful".
An emotional crowd rises to their feet and sings along.
Hammond shakes hands with Con as he exits the stage. A job well done!

But Con isn't finished yet...he greets friends and fans for more than 2 hours after the performance!

Fans are lined up and waiting to get a picture or to just say "Hi".

Con enjoys taking time to meet and greet ~ the fans love it...

And it puts a big smile on his face, too!
Con with our fine host and distinguished Congressman, Jimmy Duncan.

It was another fun evening!

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