Dogwood Arts Festival Concert

Market Square Mall
Knoxville, TN
April 22, 2006

It was a gorgeous spring afternoon with perfect weather for outdoor fun during the annual Dogwood Arts Festival in downtown Knoxville, TN.

Con Hunley headlined a free concert on Market Square Mall as part of the festival's activities.

The crowd started lining up early to get a good spot to view the concert.
A trio of old friends hanging out behind the bus before the concert starts.
Con's good buddy, Gunner, WIVK's award-winning radio personality who was recently chosen "Knoxville's Best DJ" by Metro Pulse readers, welcomed the crowd to Market Square for the concert and introduced Con and the band.
These two special ladies were front row center for the Con Hunley concert.
Con and the band takes the stage and start wooing the fans. That's Con's brothers and sister singing background vocals - Tim Hunley, Ruth Akers and Kenny Hunley.

A few songs into the set, Con performed his new single from the Shoot From The Heart album. video Click here to watch Con and the band perform a rockin' song that Con co-wrote called "That Old Clock." It's Con's new single from Shoot From The Heart and radio stations all over the country are loving it!

Play it good boys! That's Ken Jackson in the foreground tearing it up on the saxophone.

Behind Ken is Burton Akers on bass guitar, Tony Creasman on drums, Greg English playing lead guitar and Junior Mercer on steel guitar.

Stan Williamson tickling the ivories.
Guitar virtuoso Greg English.
Junior Mercer making that steel guitar cry!
Dancin' in the streets of downtown Knoxville.
Tony Creasman lays down a groovy beat that helps keep it all together!
Burton Akers boogies on the bass guitar with Stan Williamson on piano in the background.
Best backing vocals in town . . . any town! L-R Tim Hunley, Ruth Akers, Kenny Hunley
Night falls on Market Square as Con casts his spell on the crowd.
Con brings his daughter to the stage and serenades her for her 21st birthday.
After the show, Con signed autographs for the crowd.
What did you say your name was, little girl?
A member of the just-returned 278th Armored Calvary Regiment visits with Con after the show. Earlier in the day, a parade welcoming home the brave men and women of the 278th was held in downtown Knoxville.
Listing a little to one side - the Men of IMMI!
The IMMI team wraps up a great evening of fun on Market Square!
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