Dogwood Arts Festival Parade
April 17, 2004
Knoxville, TN

Dogwood Weather! It was a perfect afternoon with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures for this outdoor festival to celebrate spring.

These young fans spot Con Hunley visiting the Festival on Market Square in downtown Knoxville before the Dogwood Arts Parade on April 17th, 2004.

Watch a short video clip of Con in the parade.

The kids were thrilled to see Con and he was happy to pose for a picture with them.
Con wishes WIVK-FM's Wivick the Frog a happy birthday on Market Square before the parade starts. Wivick celebrates his 25th birthday this year.
Crowd scenes from the pre-parade party on Market Square. David Lee Murphy is on stage and everyone was having a great time. An estimated 40,000 people showed up downtown on Saturday for the Dogwood Arts Festival and the Rossini Festival.
Con Hunley and a "Charmin" fan.
Con Hunley and Dogwood BlossomsCon Hunley and ten 3rd grade "Dogwood Blossoms" rode in the parade on the ORNL Federal Credit Union Float, primary sponsor of this year's Dogwood Arts Festival.
Con and the Dogwood Blossoms zoom down Gay Street on the float.
Fans and friends call out to Con as the parade moved down the street.
Con really enjoyed interacting with the crowd during the parade.
Patriotic WIVK radio personality Gunner and his horse, Prince, pause to greet Con and the children.
Con waves to the crowds lining the sidewalks of downtown Knoxville.
Another picture of Con with the "Dogwood Blossoms."
Officials estimated the parade-watching crowd at about 10,000 people.
There were all kinds of interesting things to see during the parade, from classic cars to giant balloons. Look, there goes Con Hunley!
A group shot of Con and the children without their blossom costumes. The children attend West Haven Elementary School. West Haven Elementary has been adopted by the credit union employees.
After the parade, Con catches up with old friend and former bandmate, Jelly Roll Johnson. Jelly and Malcolm Holcombe were playing at Knoxville's Laurel Theatre just down the street from the parade, and Con went to see the show.

Visit jellyrolljohnson.com to see more info about Jelly Roll Johnson.

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