An Evening With Con Hunley at The Country Music Hall of Fame

Con-Fans were thrilled to be invited to a very special performance at The Country Music Hall of Fame during this year's CMA-Fest!

The Ford Theater inside the Hall of Fame is very intimate and only seats 200 guests. Tickets went quickly as fan requests poured in to both Con's website and the IMMI Records office...everyone hoping to seize this wonderful opportunity to see a full-length Con show during Fan Fair!! WOW!!

Load-in and sound-check got under way while Con made his way from his booth at the Convention Center.
Con's nephew Stephen Hunley had a mini "Nashville debut" and opened the show. The audience was quickly drawn into his warm smile and ecclectic style, and he left them on their feet!

Con is proud of Stephen, who is a very talented singer-songwriter with his own CD in the works. He has a bright future ahead of him in the music business....so stay tuned!

Next up to do a few songs were the Hunley Brothers and Sister Ruth.

Always a crowd favorite, the trio loves coming to Nashville with Con during Fan Fair!

Con was truly honored that Bill Cody of WSM Radio and GAC-TV fame hosted the show.

Bill is so well-respected and has so many friends in the music industry - he is genuinely one of the good guys, well-loved by peers and fans alike. And Con greatly cherishes the friendship the two of them share.

Con was so glad to have the opportunity to give something back to the fans, and what greater time than during Fan Fair?!

And what better place than the Country Music Hall of Fame?!

Con had been looking forward to this show all week! There are a lot of shows going on during CMA-Fest, and most of them are package shows with multiple artists rotating on the stage, doing 20-30 minute sets. It is rare that an artist has the opportunity to showcase their whole show for their fans during the week!

Con fans really lucked out!!

All the guys were having a great time, too!

From lower left: Stan Williamson, Burton Akers, Tony Creasman, Greg English, Herby Wallace, and Ken Jackson.

Some soul comin' atcha!
These pics were taken by one of Con's fans who came in all the way from Germany for CMA-Fest!

Thanks Jutta!

Ain't this fun?!!
The crowd was filled with excitement, and they showered Con repeatedly with exuberant applause in appreciation of this very special evening!
What a night -
a memorable evening for everyone who was lucky enough to be there!
After 2 hours of non-stop fun and the best music anywhere, the show drew to a close. Con proudly thanked his friend Bill Cody for coming out to be a part of this special event. The crowd showed their appreciation to both Con and Bill with cheers and applause. Everyone hopes we do this again next year!
One of Con's closest friends, Norro Wilson, attended the show, and had to share a couple of laughs with Con and Bill backstage.

Norro is one of country music's all-time greatest producers. He has worked with Reba, Shania, Kenny Chesney, and many, many others! And he was Con's first producer on Con's early Warner Brothers albums. And it was Norro who produced the two latest projects for Con on IMMI Records. Not only do Con and Norro have a great working relationship, but they have been friends for more than 30 years!

A couple more dear friends were in attendance - Hit songwriter Dean Dillon, left, and Bonnie Taggart, right.

Dillon has penned hit songs for some of Nashville's biggest stars, like George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Keith Whitley, Brooks and Dunn, George Jones, Lee Ann Womack....and of course Con Hunley!

Taggart was Publicity Director for Warner Brothers Records for several years, and she was very instrumental in helping Con to land his first major recording deal with Warner Brothers. She was one of the first in Nashville to believe in Con, and the two have been friends ever since!

A quick pic with the band...
Con was thrilled to have his lovely daughter, Brittany at the show!
And all of Con's siblings were proud to be in the house - We see a lot of Tim, Ruthie and Kenny, but brother Steve and sister Beth were on hand for this special evening! And we hear that they can sing up a storm, too!
When Con made it out to the reception area, fans were lined up to greet Con and to thank him for such a wonderful evening!

First in line at the meet and greet table are longtime fans Jim and Joan Ward.

The hugs and laughter begin!
Longtime fan and friend Janice Lovell loved the show! Janice was Con's Fan Club President in the late 70's and early 80's, and she could not be any more proud of Con!
The pride and joy shows on the faces of each and every fan.....and Con's, too!
Judy and Charlie Biggs of Chattanooga would not have missed this night for the world! And they couldn't wait to give Con this collage of photos of him, Tim and Kenny from the 70's! (Ruthie wasn't born yet!)

What a night...and what a great way for it to end...sharing close friendships and warm memories. And there's no doubt tonight will be a cherished memory for everyone....

Here's hoping we can do it again next year!

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