Jack's Back on Merle FM

Con was among the well-wishers celebrating Jack Ryan's return to Knoxville radio on Thursday,
May 17, 2012.

Jack joined the staff at Merle FM back in April, and local radio fans were treated to the party held at the Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville.

There were also a lot of Jack's favorite local bands on hand for all the fun, including Homer Hart, Fairview Union, and
Southern Drawl...
...along with Jack's good buddy, and Con's nephew,
Stephen Hunley!

Jack actually gave Stephen his first live in-studio radio interview a few years back, and the two have been pals ever since!

Con takes the stage singing one of his early hits and a real
crowd favorite
"Weekend Friend".
Con has known Jack for quite a while, but Jack conducted his first live interview with Con just two days earlier on May 15th when Con celebrated the release of his new CD "Wayfarin' Stranger" with the great folks
at Merle FM.

You can pick up your copy of this great new project
by clicking on
the STORE tab above.
The guys in Con's band
were happy to be part of
the Merle FM festivities.

Clockwise from top left:
Burton Akers on Bass;
Jon Cormack
filling in on Keys;
Greg English on Guitar;
Ken Jackson on Sax;
and filling in on drums
LeJoe Young.

Groovin' to the music...
...oh, yeah!
Ruthie and Kenny
would not miss out
on all this fun...they're
laying down their sweet, soulful harmonies!
Friends and fans
are lovin' the show!
Ohhh-oh-oh, Girl...

Shoo-doop, Shoo-doop, Shoo-doo...

And of course we have to include "She Ain't You"...
that's one of the most popular songs played at the Cotton Eyed Joe!
All the line dancers and two-steppers love it!
Con finishes up a rockin', jam-packed set...But there's more music to come from some of Knoxville's hottest local bands, and.....Jack's got a car to give-away to some lucky soul!
Everyone had a blast - entertainers and fans alike! It's great to have Jack on the air at Merle FM!

We'll leave you with pictures of Con greeting fans after the show...it was a lot of fun to be part of the celebration!

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